Modern Day Marketing Strategies & the Importance of Zero Party Data

Modern Day Marketing Strategies & the Importance of Zero Party Data

Marketing is one of the key aspects of a business that controls the growth of revenue for every company. The internet plays a crucial role in the provision of all customer data to businesses around the globe in addition to running all other business operations. No business can function without the internet in today’s world. That’s why many companies in the US have access to reliable and high-speed services like Spectrum internet plans to keep them afloat.

Data-driven marketing has been used by marketers all over the world for many years now. Businesses use first, second, and third-party data to successfully drive their marketing campaigns. However, consumer regulations and privacy laws keep getting strict with time. Therefore, businesses have been forced to become cautious while using consumer data to run their marketing campaigns. This changed with the advent of zero party data.

Zero Party Data & Its Significance

Zero party data was a term coined by Forrester. It is the type of data that a customer willingly shares with a company. It differs from all other types of data because the customer itself acts as the direct source of this data.

Whereas, the customer data gathered by a company through customer’s digital interactions with their business is called ‘first-party data’. The businesses that use this data, drive their marketing campaigns based on information from customer’s online behavior, purchase histories, and basic demographic info like age, income group, etc.

Zero-party data, on the other hand, is more efficient and effective because it provides better insights into customers’ needs, intents, and interests. Using this data, companies can make better-informed marketing campaigns and decisions as they know what level of personalization their customers expect.

Why Is It Needed?

In this day and age, people are better aware of how data is gathered and how their privacy is infringed. GDPR and CCPA are legislations that were specifically implemented to protect customers’ privacy. These legislations give customers the power to sue companies for breaching their privacy and gathering or using their data without consent. That’s why it’s no longer easy for marketers to use customer data with ease.

As a solution to this problem, zero-party data allows companies to use consumer data with their consent and provide customers with personalized products and services.

Advantages of Zero Party Data in Marketing

Zero-party data has many advantages and marketers can use this data in the following ways:

#1. Better Clarity

If marketers use this data instead of first-party data, they no longer need to go through heaps of data to understand customer preferences. Zero-party data allows marketers to save time and understand customer preferences directly instead of spending long hours analyzing what customers would like. Zero-party data provides firsthand direct information. Businesses use that information to build a personalized story and sell to their customers.

#2. No Privacy Issues  

The best advantage of using this data is not having to deal with any privacy issues. As all customers provide this data willingly, the companies do not have to deal with the possibility of any lawsuits. They can use this data for strategizing their marketing campaigns without any reservations. Whereas, a privacy breach is a huge issue when it comes to using first-party customer data.


Businesses use various means of collecting zero-party data. For instance, asking customers to participate in polls, online short surveys, or providing feedback at the end of a customer care call, etc. are all means of collecting zero-party data. That means, I also provided my ISP with zero-party data when I called the spectrum phone number and gave feedback at the end.

Customers allow businesses to use their data to provide better products or services and get a better value for their money. Marketers now use this data to get deeper insights into customers’ choices and improve their business’ products/services.

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